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Lighting as an ethereal design element will transform any space through thoughtful, detailed design. Well-lighted buildings have the potential to add value, reduce costs, reduce energy use and enhance occupant performance, while creating mood, desirability and visual unity to each space.


We create personal, beautiful and functional lighting for any project. Our innovative design practices combined with cutting edge technology ensure a thoughtful and personal design approach as we work collaboratively with our clients, architects and interior designers for exterior and interior spaces.

Using a creative approach to the application of designed lighting, daylight design and lighting control systems we are able to meet the specific needs of our individual clients specifies only the best performing control technologies with a focus on energy efficiency, reliability and network security.



Energy Efficiency

We must reduce our global carbon emmissions through our personal energy use...

...This we know.

Intelligent lighting design combined with smart home soloutions allows users to take control of their energy use. Implimenting daylight design strategies, solar power systems, suitable lighting products, sensors, monitors and central pocket lighting control ensures a minimisation of energy waste.


Centralised lighting control is rapidly becoming an essential feature of modern buildings; however, navigating the confusing world of lighting network security should not be left to domestic off the shelf products. Make sure you maintain flexibily, security and control over your personalised home lighting system.



Site Inspections & Meetings

Our designers meet with you and your architect to gain an understanding of your project and your specific needs.



Creation of a bespoke lighting design with an appropriate lighting control system.



We source of the luminaries in your lighting design and ensure smooth logistics to your premises.



We collaborate with clients, architects, builders and interior designers to enhance the design of your space.


Technical Drawings & Electrical Planning

We will generate electrical and Smart Lighting Systems technical drawings available to share with Architect, Builder, Electricians in pdf and .dwg format. We also complete detailed renderings of the lighting design ahead of approval to ensure you are happy with the design before it is finalised.


Project Delivery

Working closely with builders and electricians we are available  to respond to every challenge of your build. We personally set the final details of the lighting design to ensure every detail is delivered to the highest standard before you relax and enjoy the beauty and comfort of your space.