“Parramatta represents the struggle of women in this country, I’m the last generation of the female factory. We want what happened to us told, because our great issue was silence”


...Bonnie Djurie, Female Factory Inmate (1970)

Where the freshwater meets the saltwater... Built over an ancient Darug birthing site, The Parramatta Female Factory was the Colony of New South Wales' first purpose built facility for convict women. Parramatta Female Factory Precinct (Parragirls) Assoc was established in 2006 to promote awareness about the history, heritage and legacy of this historic institutional precinct and to provide a contact register for former occupants and descendants of these historic institutions. 


PARRA PARRA is a live performance BODYWEATHER work in collaboration with De Quincey Co. PARRA PARRA responding to the site and stories of those women who were confined to and survived a dark chapter in Australia's history.

LX ART is proud to be collaborating with the artists and survivors of the female factory to tell these stories history has attempted to erase through the power of light.


Below are series of images from the site as we begin to create a work that honors the survivers of the Parramatta Female Factory.

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