"At the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, Australia’s canal-side pavilion has been turned into a public swimming pool — and drawn in titans of the industry for a paddle. Stepped bleachers line one wall, locker-room benches another; and the walls are dappled with soft reflections from the pool’s rippling surface.


While clever lighting gives the illusion of depth, the water in the pool is only knee-high;"

Hette Judah

MAY 31, 2016

Ney York Times

Pools are hard to find in the historic city of Venice. In 2016 curators Isabel Toland. Amelia Holiday and Michelle Talbot introduced the Venice Biennale to our national connection between landscape, culture and architecture through the humble Australian pool.

Sian James-Holland from LX ART was proud to be a key collaborator for the multi sensory exhibition, visitors to the pool would sit relax and dabble their feet in the water and watch the reflected light dance across the surfaces of the exhibition, shifting in colour throughout the day.

The exhibition puts a pool inside the pavilion, creating a wonderful immersive environment within the gallery’s tall main space. Here the shallow water reflects on the walls and ceiling, decorating these large white surfaces with the effects of water, used as both material and light feature.

Stuart Harrison

June 6, 2016

The Design Files

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